Extreme Prep

Jeep Bozeman

Designed for customers who take their vehicle performance seriously, our Extreme Prep Package will get your rig back onto the road in top-notch shape. This package includes a complete suspension tear down, shock rebuild and paint touch up with Steelit® providing superior protection against corrosion, abrasion, salt, alkalis and other chemicals.

Our Extreme Prep Package Includes Everything In Our Trail & Overland Prep Packages Plus:

-Complete Suspension Tear Down
-Shock Rebuild/Replace
-Paint Touch Up with Steelit®
-Replace All Fluids
-Inspect/Replace Bushings, Ball Joints, etc.

Overland Prep
-Brake Inspection
-Tire Rotation
-Oil & Filter Change
-All Fluids Check

Trail Prep
-Engine Fluid Check & Top Off
-Tire Inspection & PSI Set
-Suspension Inspection
-Driveline Inspection
-Torque Check On All Lug Nuts
-Vehicle Light Inspection